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Glass Cups

Glass Cups


These glass facial cups can be used for facial and body cupping.


Facial cupping helps improve circulation, drain lymph and relax the facial muscles helping with skin appearance and fine lines and wrinkles.

Facial cupping is very gentle, cups should be applied on top of an oil with only a small amount of pressure. Cups should never remain still on the face but should be used in a sliding massage like pattern.

Extra care should be taken around the eyes and on delicate skin.


Cupping can also be done on the body to help with muscle tension and pain.

On the body, cups can remain still but this may leave a purple cupping mark




Cleaning instructions: Wipe the glass area with an alcohol swab or warm soapy water. If using water, take care not to get the water into the ball part. It takes a little bit of wiggling but you can remove the glass from the ball to clean.


Do not use on open sores, bruises or acne. If you are on medication such as blood thinners please consult with your TCM Doctor.

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