Organic Blooming Flower Puer Tea

Organic Blooming Flower Puer Tea


Puer is a fermented tea produced in Yunnan province. It's production involves microbial fermentation and oxidation of the tea leaves resulting in a delicious tea that is fantastic for digestive and heart health.
Our blooming flower tea balls combine Puer Tea with whole blooming flowers.
Each ball contains one full flower which will bloom when steeped.
A pure delight visually and in taste. Each ball can be steeped many times.

This pack contains 12 Blooming Tea balls. Each ball can be steeped 5-10 times.


Ripe Pu'er & Rose
Ripe Pu'er & Peony
Ripe Pu'er & Feverfew
Ripe Pu'er & Lily
Ripe Pu'er & Jasmine
Ripe Pu'er & Chrysanthemum

 Pu'er Tea is said to:
1.Improve digestion and help with weight loss
2.Enhance the immune system
3.Reduce cholesterol
5. Relieve constipation.


Suggested Steeping:

Steep 1 blooming ball in hot water at 90-100°c for 20-30 seconds for the first and second brewing. Gradually increase steeping time for subsequent brewing.
You can comfortably get around 5-6 infusions if you follow steeping suggestions from this tea with up to 20 if you are lucky.

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